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     For local businesses and organizations, The Metuchen Mirror provides an attractive, hospitable atmosphere for conveying your advertising messages economically and efficiently.

     No longer do you have to waste your precious advertising dollars on expensive, far-flung audiences when your primary market is within several miles of your establishment in Metuchen. With the Mirror, you can focus your advertising where it counts, right here where your primary customers live and shop.

     Advertising in the Mirror also showcases your message for your potential customers

with minimal intrusion. It doesn’t fill the mailbox, litter the driveway, pop up on the screen or stop a favorite program in its tracks. Instead, it reaches your audience when they are interested, relaxed and receptive, providing you added impact that can’t be matched.
     The Mirror is 5 columns wide by 17 inches high and is printed in full color on superior paper. Reasonably priced advertising is sold by the column inch, and you get full color at no additional cost.

R E F L E C T I N G   Y O U R   L I F E   IN   T H E 

 O F   N E W   J E R S E Y

Showcase your advertising in full COLOR at no additional cost.

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